New cookie policy might affect your traffic stats

A new cookie policy at will probably affect your traffic stats.

Effective on June 6th, the new cookie policy asks visitors of to accept or reject a series of cookies. It’s the European way of keeping track of stats, all thanks to Google that abused privacy policies for years, leading European policy-makers to tighten the ropes.

In a nutshell, unless a visitor of the domain opts in there won’t be any trackable cookies to count towards domain traffic; as domains parked at lead to subdirectories, that’s traffic that won’t be showing in your stats when visitors opt out.

Depending on your domain’s primary source of traffic, you might be experiencing a small, medium, or large drop in traffic.

If you are concerned about this change, consider this: GoDaddy-owned punishes you with a 25% commission fee when you sell domains on its markeptlaces that use unapproved DNS, instead of the standard (as of February 1st) 15% fee. In other words, if you want to control and manage your own domain traffic, GoDaddy-owned will charge you an additional 10% just for that “privilege.”


Perhaps it’s time to consider other domain parking and selling options that don’t take your traffic or waste it.

Kudos: Ariyas via Twitter.

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