New cookie policy might affect your traffic stats

A new cookie policy at will probably affect your traffic stats. Effective on June 6th, the new cookie policy asks visitors of to accept or reject a series of cookies. It’s the European way of keeping track of stats, all thanks to Google that abused privacy policies for years, leading European policy-makers to […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Dropped domain belonged to Mondelēz snack megabrand!, a domain registered in 1996, was somehow abandoned by its registrant, Mondelēz International. With an annual revenue of $26 billion dollars, it’s beyond comprehension why would the allow a great generic domain such as to expire, and drop. Illinois-based Mondelēz International operates many major snack and food brands under its hood: Cookie and […]

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#Domain clicks : Hey Europe, I Don’t Care About Cookies!

The Europe-spawned GDPR changed a lot of things in the domain investing industry and beyond, including how personal data in the WHOIS is handled. Even cookies now have to have explicit notifications and pop ups, seeking a web site visitor’s approval to store cookies or not. Enough is enough, Europe! I don’t care about cookies! […]

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