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No gTLD sales? Rightside plays no .Games

Rightside does not play games.

Rightside revealed a list of domain sales involving gTLD domains, totaling $3.4 million dollars.

Laughing all the way to the bank, the Registry of several new gTLDs shared a list of premium domains that were sold directly, from those priced $10,000 dollars and up.

Indicating strong sales that increase by $800k annually, the Rightside report seeks to establish transparency in the domain aftermarket of gTLD domains.

The sales involve both domain investments and end-user acquisitions, as seen below:

video.games    $183,000
sex.live    $160,000
porn.live    $120,000
homes.forsale    $75,000
personalinjury.attorney    $60,000
for.sale    $50,000
art.market    $50,000
job.market    $50,000
caraccident.attorney    $50,000
auto.market    $40,000
accident.lawyer    $40,000
global.market    $40,000
organic.market    $35,000
luxury.market    $35,000
app.market    $35,000
insurance.market    $35,000
i.news    $35,000
local.market    $35,000

For the full list, visit the Rightside blog.

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