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Non-COM sightings : Church .TV domain added to the roster!

Angela St. Julien is on a roll, as she’s a regular contributor to our open series about “non-COM” domain sightings.

If you see a car stop all of a sudden in rural areas to take pictures of billboards bearing domain names, that’s most likely Angela!

The latest addition to our growing collection of non-COM sightings, is DestinationChurch.TV as seen below. Angela took that photo near Mobile, Alabama, and promised to be on the lookout for more as she’s traveling to Charleston.


Non-COM sightings : DestinationChurch.TV

Many thanks, Angela! 😀

Hopefully you’ll make a special “Happy Hour Chat” with that subject at Brand.Bar soon? 😉

For more sightings, you can also check out a new web site put together by The DNA.

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