Non-COM sightings : Dot .WS added to the domain roster!

Big day today!

Another TLD made it to the roster of non-COM sightings; a collection of various ccTLDs and gTLDs as encountered ‘in the wild.’

After dot .CC, dot .Koeln, dot .US and dot .CLUB, it’s the turn of dot .WS – the ccTLD for Samoa – to claim its spot on the roster.

Apparently, this Oceanian nation’s original name was Western Samoa until the late 70’s, when the two letter combinations were allocated.

In our captured photo below, the domain GlobalOrganics.WS is used by an organic distributor of organic fruits, vegetables, dairy and coffee in the Southeast.

Their use of the .WS domain is most likely due to the registration of the matching .com by none other than Dr. Chris Hartnett, who has a passion for “global” domain names.

Can’t wait for our next non-COM domain encounter! 😀




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