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Non-gTLD domains in the wild : Kevin dot Murphy


DomainGang readers often send us photographic evidence of various “domains in the wild,” emphasizing the proliferation of domain names in the real world.

We keep track of two types, the new gTLD “non-com” kind, and the classic TLD popular for the past 20 years, dot .com.

But it seems there is another category to be covered: Non-gTLD domains, or domains that look like gTLDs but are not!

Adolfo Grego, who has developed some amazing art and political projects with gTLDs, came across a silly instance of this new category.

We’re therefore showcasing Kevin.Murphy as the first one in the series! 😀

Naturally, there is no such gTLD applied for, or delegated at ICANN. Perhaps Kevin Murphy of DomainIncite would object! 😀

Kevin dot Murphy

Kevin dot Murphy



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