Would you buy a six figure domain advertised on CNN?

While reading an article on CNN about red fire ants, an ad about the domain name popped up.

The article is obviously unrelated to domain names. Why would a six figure domain name be advertised on general news media?

As one can see, the ad is sponsored by Squadhelp, where the domain is listed for sale with a $750,000 dollar price tag.

Advertising a domain via a campaign is most likely one of the perks of using the domain platform’s premium listings; that being said, as the campaign seems to be targeting the general public via a news web site, we are not too sure about how well it converts.

Still, Squadhelp are innovators in AI-driven placement and monetization of domains in their marketplace and they are probably in a better position to identify emerging target audiences.

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Would you buy a six figure domain name advertised on

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2 Responses to “ Would you buy a six figure domain advertised on CNN?”
  1. Matt says:

    It might have been targeting you specifically, have you visited Squadhelp or the listing page for that domain recently? I have received Squadhelp ads for domains after visiting a domain on their site before.

    From Squadhelp:

    “For premium domains Squadhelp offers Auto Paid Advertising (Retargeting Ads) to promote your domains to potential buyers who visit your Domain Landing page.”

  2. Andy says:

    As Matt says. As a SH platform user, many of those ads are shown to me, even promoting my own domains. It seems a waste of money, but the strategy must work, otherwise, they would have stopped some time ago.

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