Real life domaining : #Bobbleheads .com in touch with #Walmart

Warren Royal and Rachael Royal of

Real life domaining – when investors take their life’s project to the next level. is the labor of love of domain investor and entrepreneur, Warren Royal.

With a custom line of bobbleheads, statuettes of licensed, famous people, has been a money-making project for many years.

Over the weekend, Warren Royal announced that has an agreement in the works with Walmart, to carry items in its stores.

This is a major development for any manufacturer of products, as busy retail space, particularly in toys and entertainment, is where many shoppers turn to during the busy times of the year.

Said Warren Royal:

Now we can finally reveal what this picture was all about. Rachael and I were invited to the Walmart headquarters in Bentonville Arkansas to present our line to them, for possible placement in their stores. So we put together a pitch, took a bunch of samples, and gave it our best shot!

Well, we got a response back today – it turns out that they DO love our line and they ARE interested in featuring certain of our products in over 2,300 of their stores! We are so humbled and proud.

We will meet further to discuss the details and assortments and such, and hopefully we will work out a great partnership. It’s all tentative and they are understandably the toughest contract negotiators in the world, so we don’t know what will happen for sure. It may not work out due to price, or terms, or something else – so there are no guarantees.

But HEY! We are so proud that the largest retailer in the world appreciates and loves our stuff, and that we even have a chance to make this happen! I never thought I’d ever have the chance to sell to Walmart, that is such an amazing honor. I’m so proud of Rachael and Tom and the rest of our great team; I just can’t express how much I appreciate them and their amazing work.

Congratulations to Warren Royal and his team of hard-working people for taking to the next step up!

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