NYC day 4: Edge of NY, 9/11 Memorial Museum, and an acid trip at the Summit One Vanderbilt

My trip to New York ends today, as I’m catching Jet Blue back home. Day 4 at NYC was busy and exciting, from the moment I had my double shot cappuccino in the morning, to the final drinks before getting on Summit One Vanderbilt for an audiovisual acid trip!

I was able to also notice and capture some domains across New York’s numerous surfaces. On a side-note, many businesses use QR codes that connect to a account!


One of my favorite attractions is the High Line that I made sure to visit again. Here is some art in the form of a dog head!

The Edge of NYC uses the domain name, as seen below:

I visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum and kept most of its visuals as personal memories. It is not a place for selfies but rather, one for self-reflection and deep thoughts about humanity’s past and future. Visit

On my way to Summit One Vanderbilt I came across T2Social (T squared social) founded by Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake. It uses the domain name

Lastly, Summit One Vanderbilt was the acid trip of a life time, featuring several rooms of mirrors, lights, and futuristic elements, combined with art exhibits and a spectacular view of New York from the tower’s 91st floor.

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Until next time, New York!

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