It’s official: NamesCon 2015 stays put in Las Vegas!

NamesCon 2015.

NamesCon 2015.

In a world where the ICANN multi-stakeholder model determines the fate of future conference locations, one domain conference raises its flag above all the turmoil and chaos.

NamesCon 2015 will take place in Las Vegas, between January 11th and 14th, 2015 – no relocation is anticipated.

This is great news for domainers and industry companies, that are already preparing for the grand premiere of the biggest new domain conference.

“As the saying goes, a rolling stone gathers no moss, and Vegas is where we want to be, baby!” said Richard Lau, founder of NamesCon.

“I feel that all this traveling around the world like ICANN does, is a bit counter-productive and tiresome. We want to offer a great domain conference experience, not a 24-hour trip to places where you need a visa stamp and 12 different inoculation shots!” exclaimed Lau, smiling.

So there you have it: NamesCon isn’t going anywhere. See you in Vegas! 😀


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