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Oil changes near me : Logan Flatt sells #domain name while driving

Logan Flatt, prolific BIN domainer.

Can’t stop Logan Flatt these days; the prolific domain investor from Texas who uncovered the sale of Tax.com, is driving his Mercedes with a custom DOMAINS tag.

Logan’s specialty in domain sales seems to be the use of Uniregistry Market and its BIN pricing. Logan also uses negotiated bidding via the very capable Uniregistry brokers.

Today, while driving a gas guzzling SUV, Logan Flatt sold yet another domain – OilChangesNearMe.com.

Very appropriate! 😀

How much did Logan pay for the domain? Just $32 dollars back in March 2017. The ROI he achieved in this case is 2,244% for a total sale of $750 dollars.

Not a bad sale before lunch time in Dallas!

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2 Responses to “Oil changes near me : Logan Flatt sells #domain name while driving”
  1. Logan says:

    Actually, I wasn’t driving while domaining — I was in the passenger seat when the sale came in. 🙂

  2. DomainGang says:

    Logan – And that’s a very wise thing to do!

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