On its 15th anniversary, Google admits being “evil”

Larry Page states Google has been 'evil' all along.

Larry Page states Google has been ‘evil’ all along.

In a shocking departure from its motto of 15 years, mega search engine Google announced that “Don’t be evil” does not describe its modus operandi accurately anymore.

Announcing the 15th year since Google’s minimalistic homepage was deployed, CEO Larry Page explained:

“After losing Marissa Mayer to the other search engine, and being referred to as an NSA collaborator, we can not possibly maintain the ‘Don’t be evil’ approach.”

Amidst rounds of heavy applause, Larry Page continued:

“It’s time that we admit that Google is as evil as everyone else! It’s time, on this very 15th anniversary that we embrace our evil nature, and move forward spreading the seeds of evil-ness across the Internet!”

After changing its logo recently, Google will now adapt to a new byline: We Are Evil.

Although all internal documents will have to be rebranded, nothing will change in the Acceptable User Policy and the Terms & Conditions, a clear admission that Google has been evil for the past 15 years.


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