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Pass the #domain fruit : #Guava .com changes investor hands

Guava.com was just sold

Guava is a yummy tropical fruit, cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions. The matching .com, Guava.com, just changed hands.

If you thought that Guava.com was sold by a tropical fruit produce company to some advertising agency, you’d be quite far from the truth.

The domain had been in the possession of domain investor, Elliot Silver, for less than 10 months. Registered in 1997, Guava.com used to be the name of a digital marketing agency a decade ago.

So who bought the domain Guava.com?

None other than James Booth of BQDN.com, and apparently right after his successful brokerage of White.com.

We can only speculate about the selling price of Guava.com, but it has to be in the five figure range, which sounds like a fair price. If Mr. Lowballer was involved, things might have been different! 😀

Congratulations to James Booth and Elliot Silver for this domainer to domainer sale! Maybe the Guava Island show producers would be interested?

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