Pfizer COMIRNATY® and other pharma brands get their matching .com domains

Pfizer delivered a recently FDA-approved vaccine against Covid-19 and it now has a name: Comirnaty.

Pharmaceutical companies come up with impossible names for their brands, that are often tongue-twisters, and Comirnaty is one of them. But there’s a “science” behind the names of science: if they sound too generic the FDA can object to the name.

Comirnaty by Pfizer is a mashup of Covid-19, community, immunity, and mRNA. Comirnaty was not the only name Pfizer considered. The list included Covuity, RnaxCovi, Kovimerna—all names filed in June with the USPTO. Another possible name at the time, RNXtract, was filed in August.

In fact, the domain was registered by Pfizer in late May, as WHOIS shows. The domain points to It’s notable that the domain both begins and ends with COM! 😀

Pfizer domains

So what other domains has Pfizer registered recently? Here’s what we could find:

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