Pfizer brand dropped, auctioned at DropCatch was once a domain owned by mega-pharma company, Pfizer. The domain expired, dropped, and was auctioned off at DropCatch, where it closed at $18,000 dollars, with DropCatch user “reference” being the winner. Why would a domain registered in 1994 expire and drop? Pharmacia was a pharmaceutical and biotechnological company in Sweden that merged with […]

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In 2015, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer completed the acquisition of Hospira, at the time “the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies and a global leader in biosimilars.” The acquisition of Hospira by Pfizer cost $17 billion, give or take a few million. At the time, Hospira had filed for the “intent to use” […]

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Pfizer owned

Pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, owns and operates domain names related to its core business. They often register domains proactively and to support their tool chest of Pfizer trademarks. Registering or acquiring generic domain names is also an approach that pharmaceutical companies do. An example is the domain, an exact match of the phrase “four times […]

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Pfizer #domains: Pharma giant’s new registrations

Pharmaceutical colossus Pfizer, manufacturers of an mRNA vaccine among others, has been actively registering domains matching its brands. In recent weeks, Pfizer registered Cominarty related domains, the FDA-approved commercial name of its Covid-19 vaccine. Pfizer also registers generic long-tail domains related to the pharma industry, an example being for a pharma industry event. What […]

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Pfizer COMIRNATY® and other pharma brands get their matching .com domains

Pfizer delivered a recently FDA-approved vaccine against Covid-19 and it now has a name: Comirnaty. Pharmaceutical companies come up with impossible names for their brands, that are often tongue-twisters, and Comirnaty is one of them. But there’s a “science” behind the names of science: if they sound too generic the FDA can object to the […]

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Domain names and brands of pharmaceutical companies are often abused by peddlers of unlicensed or fake medications. Since the onslaught of Covid-19, scammers target companies such as Moderna that produce medications to fight the virus, registering domain names that might be typos of the brand. Pfizer is a large pharmaceutical company, producing among other medications […]

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