Pfizer grabs squatted #domain after registrant let it drop

In 2015, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer completed the acquisition of Hospira, at the time “the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies and a global leader in biosimilars.”

The acquisition of Hospira by Pfizer cost $17 billion, give or take a few million. At the time, Hospira had filed for the “intent to use” registration of the mark NEXJECT with the USPTO, an application that wasn’t completed.

Hospira, under Pfizer ownership, filed a new application to register NEXJECT in 2018 which was completed three years later.

Pfizer domains

The domain was registered 3 days after the second trademark application was filed, presumably by a trademark squatter monitoring USPTO applications. was listed for sale on Undeveloped (now for a few years, until its registrant presumably gave up and let it drop.

Pfizer has just registered the domain anew, a smart move, to ensure that one of its global brands’ domains is under their corporate control.

In an era that companies fail to renew IP assets such as domains following mergers and acquisitions, it’s refreshing to see Pfizer secure their brand’s matching .com domain name.

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