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Poll : Good news or bad news about the #domain industry?


December, the last month of 2018 is almost here, and millions of domain investors and domain industry entrepreneurs around the globe are getting their holiday socks ready.

Holiday gifts require money, and money comes from domain sales.

It’s time to gauge your sales record for 2018 and share the performance of your domain portfolio overall.

Happy Holidays Domainers! Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

A lot of negative chatter about the domain industry is making many newcomers and even veterans nervous. Everyone loves good news, but what about the bad news that might be lurking around the corner?

Verisign is already testing the waters with price increases – that’s a piece of bad news. Veteran domain investors like Rick Schwartz are ringing the fire bells about the future of the domain industry. Whether one takes these “sky is falling” arguments with a pinch of salt, or as unadulterated gospel, is a personal choice.

Happy Holidays to all – let’s hear it from you below:

Are you happy with the results of your domain business in 2018 ?

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2 Responses to “Poll : Good news or bad news about the #domain industry?”
  1. aamir says:

    For me it was terrible I think @sawping

  2. BullS says:

    If your livelihood depends on this BS industry, then it is bad news but
    if this is just a fun stress reliever hobby, then it is always good news everyday, what there to B**&^tch about!!

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