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Polygraph time: Domainers to undergo ‘lie detection’ tests

It's polygraph time for thousands of domainers and bloggers.

It’s polygraph time for thousands of domainers and bloggers.

Starting in 2014, domainers that engage in the act of buying, selling and blogging about domain names, will be required to undergo an industry-wide lie detection test.

“No liars, cheaters, fakes, or other hoodlums will be allowed to set foot into TRAFFIC,” said Rick Schwartz yesterday.

“Look folks, the time is now and now it’s the time,” added Rick. “Those domainers who pat eachother’s ass, have a secret agenda and a bias that won’t be tolerated,” said Rick, in a rather cryptic message at his blog, which generated a lot of commentary.

Thousands of domainers are expected to protest this new measure, which will include a fee of $1 for every lie detection test, as a contribution to the Dead Domainer Fund – in memoriam of Alexander Schuberts initiative.

“I don’t like being called a liar and a cheater, just because I copy and paste press releases from “domain” Google alerts, verbatim!” said domain blogger Anna Smyth.

“I have two twin boys to support as a single soccer mom, and I need to make money from such sponsored posts,” added Smyth, who also performs as an exotic dancer in Ft. Lauderdale during the weekends.

Meanwhile, well-established domain bloggers who depend on such exciting domain industry UDRP decisions to generate blog traffic, were furious.

“I study, research, hand-pick and edit every UDRP result at the National Arbitration Forum before I post my personal view and expert analysis,” said Domain Barbed Wire owner, Andrew Hollerman.

“As a professional domain blogger, I feel insulted that I will have to disclaim any agenda behind my research and sources, and to justify my alleged obsession with GoDaddy patents,” added Hollerman, who is often mistaken for NameMedia director, Ted Olsen.

Perhaps Rick Schwartz’s intentions were grossly misunderstood in the first place, and he simply wants some peace and order in the domain marketplace.

What do you think?


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2 Responses to “Polygraph time: Domainers to undergo ‘lie detection’ tests”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    often times i buy a six figure domain from a major player. it’s an honest straight forward transaction and i don’t require him to publicly state he paid in monopoly money. of course in addition he must give me at least one coupon for free french fries at mcdonalds.

  2. DomainGang says:

    RaTHeaD – At least you got a free lunch out of this monumental sale. Most domain flippers are struggling to sell their .me, .pw and .mobi domains for more than reg fee.

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