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Pope Francis eulogizes the ‘Papal Web’

Pope Francis eulogizing the dot .PW domain Registry.

Pope Francis eulogizing the dot .PW domain Registry.

Pope Francis prepared his speech for the Easter mass earlier today, eulogizing a small gathering of cardinals and other faithful, including technology advocates at the Vatican.

The 2nd most famous Argentinian after Diego Maradona, shuffled his papers that contained printouts of his twitter and Facebook accounts.

“It is with a warm and caring heart, that I am preparing my Easter speech, but first let me bless the social media,” said Pope Francis.

“New to the family of the Catholic Church, is our Palau brotherhood that kindly offered dot .PW for me to use”, added the Pontifex.

A small team of Palau delegates are promoting .PW domains as a shortcut to “Papal Web“; an indication that the domains using the remote island’s ccTLD are blessed by the head of the Catholic Church.

“Very happy to assist in the expansion of our Church through technology, the Internet and .PW is perfectly wonderful! Sic transit gloria mundi!” exclaimed Pope Francis as the crowd applauded.

In other parts of the world, the Easter bunny advanced closer to delivering billions of chocolate eggs, without containing any peanuts or the blood of Jesus.

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