Really Huge Domains suffers downtime due to “leap second” DNS glitch

Really Huge Domains suffered downtime on the change of the year, thanks to a “leap second” insertion glitch.

The domain registrar acknowledged the issue, which took 90 hours to fix.

“At Really Huge Domains we take pride in our corporate ethics and extensive effort to address technological challenges,” said the company’s CEO, Margaret Patroulias.

“After 90 hours of non-stop debugging, we reversed the loss of a second, and added an extra second to all domain registrations at Really Huge Domains,” she added.

The introduction of a “leap second” at the end of 2016 created many challenges to DNS providers, such as Cloudflare.

While some companies were pro-active or addressed the glitch efficiently, Really Huge Domains worked considerably longer on the issues created by the “leap second” insertion:

“We wanted to ensure that everything is in order, and the next time a leap second is introduced in 2043 we will be TUV and ISO certified,” added Margaret Patroulias.

If you were not aware of the leap second that occurred at the end of 2016, consider it a non issue; most domain investors don’t seem to sweat the really small stuff.

Happy 2017.

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