Redneck.Bank : The real McCoy bank domain

The launch of dot .Bank gTLD came with a unique warranty: every single dot .Bank domain is linked to an actual bank.

No gray areas, as dot .Bank is strictly managed.

More than 3200 .Bank domains are currently registered, according to nTLDstats.

And while giants such as Chase.Bank and WellsFargo.Bank have yet to activate their .Bank domains, Redneck.Bank thrives on its new, unique URL.

Many would think that there’s no way for a bank to bear the titled “redneck,” but we are assured that’s really the case; Redneck Bank is in Oklahoma.

“Yep, we’re a real bank!” they proclaim, and yee-haw, y’all can take it straight from the horse’s mouth. 😀

The best part is in the SERPs: searching for “redneck bank” returns Redneck.Bank as the top result, with – their original domain – coming in a sore loser second!

Many thanks to Jason of Woodlands Journal for the redneck tip, we reckon.





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