Relax: Three more weeks of NamesCon posts!

With registrations for NamesCon exceeding 550, the majority of domainers that aren’t going to attend the conference have valid reason to be upset.

“I’m sick and tired of reading about Frank Schilling and five more keynote speakers shaking it at NamesCon!” says Bob Jackson, a part-time domainer from New York.

“All I read in the news is NamesCon this and NamesCon that, will they stop it already, Gawd?!” he adds, visibly dejected.

Dozens of domain investors and bloggers have expressed their support for the first ever new domain conference of this magnitude, launched in under 90 days since inception.

Richard Lau, founder of NamesCon, reminded everyone that the domain conference provides substance and introduces a range of new technologies, such as branded water bottles and Jenga tiles:

“I am grateful to our wonderful sponsors and supporters around the world, for making it happen, and I’m extending a last minute invitation to all of you that could not make it, either due to a random head-banging accident, or because of dog-sitting obligations,” said Richard Lau, smiling.

“What is most important, is to remember that we are all a family, and by that I don’t mean the Duck Dynasty kind!’ added Lau, who grows no facial hair currently.

NamesCon opens its gates on Monday, January 13th and it should take two more weeks of raving posts after the conference, for the number of related headlines to subside.

See you in Vegas!

PS. This is a parody post, people – but it’s a fact that Richard Lau sports no ZZ Top beard, currently. 😀


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