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Research study on gTLDs: Extremely confusing to Wall Street, says Ajax Dremel

Executives need assistance with the new gTLDs.

Executives need assistance with the new gTLDs.

A new research study on the upcoming introduction of gTLDs – domains that are generated by using considerably longer keywords after the dot – unveiled some surprising results.

“Most of my clients are top level, Fortune 500 executives that don’t really know how to use a computer, let alone the Internet and domains,” says domain branding specialist, Ajax Dremel.

“These guys literally need someone to hold their hand as they type, and it was confusing enough for them to learn how to place a dot, then type com, so how is this going to work with the gTLDs, really?” adds Dremel.

Ajax Dremel’s research shows that an astonishing 97% of top executives that don’t write their own emails, will have trouble accessing web sites that are hosted on gTLDs.

The average Fortune 500 executive is male, 55 years old, divorced, or married with at least one mistress every six months.

“There is a huge, untapped territory to explore; those executives of Wall Street need to be re-educated about domains, gTLDs – and why not – how to have healthy relationships,” says Ajax Dremel, a serial entrepreneur and twice divorced.

“I am able and willing to offer my consultation services, in order to preserve their sanity as the gTLD era dawns!” exclaims Dremel.

The expected onslaught of gTLDs in the coming months and years is actively leading to the proliferation of domain and gTLD consultation services; at least one such business is created every week.


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2 Responses to “Research study on gTLDs: Extremely confusing to Wall Street, says Ajax Dremel”
  1. HowieCrosby says:

    Hahah Yes! I have found my end user! lol

  2. Mary Jo Rohner says:

    I am on the phone each day, and my clients exactly like the article, says. They do not know their email address. Their wife, does the computer. They are proud of it! At one point in my life, I spoke to 125 clients a day. They own big businesses. They are top level exec’s. I ask each one, and tell them about domains and websites. They do listen, but have no intentions of changing. I am still a TOTAL believer of the dot com. If they would buy another extension, they still will put dot com, after it. I feel the dot com market will get stronger, because of this. I am in, hook, line and sinker!

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