Researchers digging into the #Epik domains

As the Epik data leak incident enters its second week, many security experts and investigative journalists are peeking into the data.

Domain sales that apparently took place with the assistance of Epik as the handling escrow appear to include ultra-valuable domains, such as,, and among others.

Most of those who are digging into the Epik data aren’t motivated by the urge to share domain sales, however; they are looking for connections among these domains: who owns which related domains.

Why is that?

It’s not a secret that Epik harbored far right and other controversial web sites; it took in as the registrar, and sometimes as the host, several far right and extremist forums and web sites.

The latest data from security researcher, Dave Troy, shows a number of Trump domains owned by Epik, with the WHOIS data matching the name of its founder and CEO, Rob Monster.

There is nothing inherently wrong with owning domains, even controversial ones, in our opinion. That changes when the domains are used for specific purposes, however.

The sharing of this data is merely informational and judging from the keywords involved it can also be borderline entertaining:


For more of these domains click here.

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