Rick Schwartz ditches Rick.TV for Rick.QA

Rick Schwartz is ready to take on your Qs with his own As at Rick.QA

Three weeks ago, domain king Rick Schwartz hinted about using Rick.tv as his new blog URL – a clear departure from the “dot com is king” modus operandi.

With the public opening of the Qatar ccTLD .QA, Rick is capitalizing on this amazing opportunity to directly address his fan base through a thoroughly appropriate domain.

“Look folks, I get this all the time – and I don’t mean the inquiries about free passes to TRAFFIC. What’ I’m talking about here is questions and answers. People want to know.

Domainers want no bullshit, they want to be educated. So they ask questions and I provide the answers and Rick.QA should do the job.”

The Qatar ccTLD offers the entire namespace once again to register, or most of it. Adult domain names aren’t allowed to be registered, so Rick Schwartz won’t be able to grab Ass.qa as a sidekick to his top tier Ass.com

“It’s all about numbers: Qatar has 1.4 million inhabitants, it’s oil rich and I get a lot of questions from the Persian Gulf countries. Rick.QA will be the ultimate question/answer repository about domain matters. It will be more popular than Elliot Silver’s Domain Questions!”

Currently, Elliot Silver’s DomainQuestions.com provides a lot of information that cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet. Rick’s upcoming Rick.QA should obviously create a healthy amount of competition.

We can’t wait! 😀

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