Rick Schwartz ups the price of Properties.com to 9 figures

One of Rick Schwartz‘s premium domain names is Properties.com.

A decade ago, the Domain King tweeted about an upcoming closing on the pair Property.com and Properties.com; the price, in 2011, was $4 million dollars plus equity in the company.

That sale did not close but Rick does not see such bumps on the road as a well; he just increased the asking price of Properties.com to $125 million dollars.

The nine figure price was announced by Rick Schwartz on Twitter:

They laughed at me when I said #Domains were worth $15,000 back in 1996.

They laughed harder at $100,000
They belly laughed at $1MM
They laughed til they peed at $10MM

They laugh until WE do it.

Properties. com is now $125MM

Please keep laughing!!

That’s not an indication of a sale or a pending sale, but rather a substantial increase of the asking price for the domain Properties.com.

And with good reason: Just as real estate is skyrocketing, so is the price of premium domain names.

Good luck, Rick! 😀

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3 Responses to “Rick Schwartz ups the price of Properties.com to 9 figures”
  1. Snoopy says:

    He’s is so full of it. His portfolio is large and mediocre. Anytime he’s bored he comes up with a lie. Whatever happened with GoBet? Didn’t that turn into being a fake sale? I saw someone post it on twitter but it was deleted within an hour.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Snoopy – What exactly is a lie in Rick’s tweet about Properties.com?

  3. domain guy says:

    It will be cash and an equity interest. I am thinking 25 million the deal will get done.

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