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RIP Dmoz : 1998 – 2017

Dmoz officially shut down today, stealing the thunder of St. Patrick’s Day.

The resource index was owned by AOL, but constructed and maintained by a community of volunteer editors.

Dmoz.org and the community that maintained it, were also known as the Open Directory Project (ODP).

Its long history started in 1998, and by 1999 Dmoz had 1 million URLs in its index.

A static copy of Dmoz has been mirrored at DmozTools.net.

DomainGang is proud to have been included in the original Dmoz directory and its mirror, under Domain Name Resources.

Rest in peace, Dmoz. 🙁

Hat tip: Alan Dunn.

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7 Responses to “RIP Dmoz : 1998 – 2017”
  1. Marius says:

    I used to be an editor at DMOZ for a couple of small categories many moons ago.


  2. Lakshan says:

    Pretty sad story. I wonder why AOL decided to shut it down. It was run by volunteers. Not much cost to them. sad 🙁

  3. rudy says:

    Love the title, lol’d at the fact that dmoz shutdown would steal st.patricks thunder.”Call CNN quick, stop drinking green booze, we have to start a vigil for dmoz has perished!

  4. Adam Smith says:

    Peace out DMOZ! You were a pleasure to read.

  5. DomainGang says:

    To all volunteers who worked on Dmoz all these years, thank you guys!

  6. Lock says:

    I used to run a POD site back when it first began. Sad to see it end.

  7. Registernuke says:

    Even though it’s a model that is now basically obsolete, my thoughts are why they didn’t just try to sell it? I’m sure there would of been some interested buyers that could of turned it into something of value. Oh well…… RIP DMOZ

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