Rumor mill : Will Daniel Negari buy Yahoo?


Daniel Negari, XYZ CEO.

Daniel Negari‘s offer of $5 million dollars  to acquire several gTLDs from the Rightside stash was recently rejected.

With Yahoo up for sale, now it’s the time for the XYZ Registry founder and CEO to think big!

It really makes sense for the XYZ Registry to buy out Yahoo, and here are some reasons why they should – if they have the cash, that is.

  • Yahoo needs a fresh face, and XYZ is a young company led by a charismatic entrepreneur.
  • Both the XYZ Registry and Yahoo love purple.
  • Google is the Big Brother nobody likes, but the Yahoo brand is full of nostalgia.
  • With a large stake in China’s Alibaba, Yahoo has the reach in the Chinese domain market that Google does not have.
  • Yahoo.XYZ sounds sexy, and much better than ABC.XYZ that’s alphabet for kids.

For these reasons, we really think Daniel Negari should be making an offer to acquire Yahoo, and replace befallen CEO, Marissa Mayer with a trustworthy executive that can lead the company to new heights.

Come on Daniel, you can do it! 😀

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    Will Daniel Negari buy ?

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