Saint West : Video production company reaps celebrity domain traffic!


When you are a celebrity couple, announcing your baby’s name can mean big business; media, paparazzi and domain speculators alike, might jump in and grab related domain names.

Not in the case of Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian‘s baby.

The newborn was named “Saint West”. No middle name either.

Unfortunately, the domain name is already taken, by a video and film production company, Saint West Fimworks, based in San Diego.

Naturally, they are currently enjoying the unexpected spike in Internet traffic, which might even lead to an increase in projects.

According to DomainTools, was registered in May of this year, and other TLDs such as .ORG, .Net, .INFO etc. were apparently registered after the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian announcement of their baby’s chosen name, Saint West.

The parents might want to give gTLDs a chance, although the following “Saint West” domains are in existence, for one reason or another:

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