Screw you too: can ban misbehaving offer-makers

Listing domains for sale at provides domain investors with a mature, feature-packed marketplace.

Since GoDaddy took ownership last summer, released two updates—the good news—and raised its fees from 9% to 15%the bad news.

When a potential buyer engages on via the contact form to make an offer, some of them behave badly.

What constitutes bad behavior on Here are some examples:

  • Placing exuberant or otherwise fake offers in the millions of dollars, such as $99,999,999, for domains that aren’t really that outstanding
  • Contacting the seller with a profanity-laden name that it’s obviously fake
  • Making claims, threats, or providing other content that harasses the seller via the contact form

All these are valid reasons for support to block and ban the offending accounts. provides the ability to potential buyers to unsubscribe themselves from future communications. Unlike the Uni Market, the seller doesn’t have the ability to block or unsubscribe contacts and such behavior must be reported to support.

Perhaps the next release of should incorporate such an option to remove and block offensive or threatening offers from future exchange, without having to contact the support team.

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2 Responses to “Screw you too: can ban misbehaving offer-makers”
  1. MapleDots says:

    It’s a platform whose days are numbered, godaddy has the tools to stop this but they won’t because they want everyone to switch to afternic. Sure they will do incremental changes to make it look like they are working on dan but I assure you they are already figuring out how to integrate it so tightly with afternic that in they end you may as well list there.

    So no, the days of dan innovation are over, no registrar service unless you consider godaddy, no parking unless its go daddy, (give bodis the boot). No cheaper commission unless you point nameservers to godaddy. No No No…. get the point

    Dan is as dead as uniregistry and the funny part is we all know it, deep down inside nobody is fooled!!!

  2. BullS says:

    The reason why GD bought DAN and UNi is to kill the competitors . It is not about innovation.

    Are there any new innovations within GD/Afternic(useless name) ? The only innovation is raise the prices!!

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