Sedo adds several new options to seller’s response menu

Sedo adds more options to its menu of seller responses.

Sedo, the online marketplace for selling, reselling and hopefully buying domain names, has added several new options to its menu of responses available to the seller.

“A lot of sellers are frustrated by the mild and rather ****-whipped responses we offered,” said Klaudia Fersterhefner from Sedo Germany, where all back-end programming decisions are made.

“And now, the seller feels stronger, and masculine to reply, if buyer is not making wealthy offers,” added Klaudia in her rich Frankfurt English.

The list includes the following new responses for the seller:

  • Are you mad, bro?
  • Please come back with a real budget
  • That’s less than what a UDRP costs
  • I don’t even blink at anything less than four figures
  • I make more money posting your stupid offers on Facebook
  • Was your grandfather from Scotland by any chance?
  • You’d do well as prime minister of Greece

The new set of responses is available sometime after the small hours tonight; if you don’t see them by tomorrow, contact your account manager.

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