now actively behind #Cloudflare proxy DNS is the busy web site of a major domain industry corporation, with millions of unique visitors annually.

Sedo, a DomainGang sponsor, boasts the biggest domain name inventory on the Internet, as a marketplace with millions of domains.

Such traffic requires server stability and availability. For example, today users of TD Ameritrade witnessed slow authentication, with many locked out of their accounts since the beginning of a very busy US stock market session.

It’s clear that by switching to Cloudflare DNS, Sedo is aiming at distributing its load, and vending off any Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS.)

It is the first time we’ve seen Sedo actively use the Cloudflare handling of its DNS, although moved to Cloudflare DNS around March 20, 2020.

We reached out to Sedo regarding the implementation of Cloudflare DNS on their systems.

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