Sedo enters the movie business with ‘Alien PPC Species: sedoDNA’

Since last October, Sedo.comthe leading PPC provider – has been investing in technology firms outside of the domain industry.

Despite everyone’s focus on some recent large domain sales, Sedo has been secretely tapping the Hollywood mines!

The recent launch of as an apparent monetization and advertising revenue exchange portal, is nothing more than a promotional – or viral – web site for an upcoming movie.

The big news is out:

Sedo’s first Hollywood movie, to be produced by no other than James Cameron of ‘Avatar’ fame, is code-named “Alien PPC Species: sedoDNA“.

Let’s take a look at an exclusive preview of the script’s final draft, excerpts of which read like a combination of “Alien” and “Species”.

The story begins with sergeant Tina Woodey, a former US marine, being called back to active duty in order to lead a team of elite saboteurs.

Their target is a hidden laboratory in the desert of Kurdalf in central Iraq, where rogue Russian scientists are creating a mutated super-soldier species, using alien DNA obtained from a top secret crash-site in Siberia.

“We are excited to create such a diverse project, both for the domain industry and the movie industry as well”, said Mary Mopp of Sedo UK.

“In the coming months more teaser web sites will be launched around the web – in fact, we’ve planned a major presentation gala for TRAFFIC Milan in just a few days from now”, she added.

Tina Woodey will be showing off her top physical form in the movie, having trained for six months with Israeli soldiers.

The movie is PG-13 but in some states the rating will be “R” due to the inclusion of romantic action.

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