Sedo: Green Domain Auction results not as green

The eco-friendly auction of Green Domains at Sedo ended yesterday and it wasn’t as green as expected. The intention was to create awareness about the relevant domain brands that are available.

In fact, only a handful of domains were sold during the auction, an indication that perhaps the environmental front is losing steam to other keywords:

Here’s what sold: 200 USD 100 EUR 99 EUR 99 USD 99 EUR 99 USD 99 USD 70 USD

The good news: There’s now a list of approximately 133 “green” domains that can be perused for a second round of inquiries that can be negotiated via Sedo. If you’re interested in any of these check out their landing pages directly or via and make a fair offer:

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3 Responses to “Sedo: Green Domain Auction results not as green”
  1. Freddie says:

    You’ve got to give Sedo props for trying, you really do. But there are some very low-quality names among the bunch. They could really tighten up their auction inventory.

    And an auction focused on premium domains in a specific popular tld such as .xyz or .io would likely draw much more interest. Has Sedo tried that?

  2. NameMode says:

    These were all garbage domains. I don’t know what Sedo was thinking.

    The green energy space is still strong.

  3. David Conway says:

    I tried getting my & Domains added but due to technical problems they didn’t get included in time, pity as I think they’d of been the 2 best names in the auction

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