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Segwit2xyz : Dot #XYZ Registry to split its “domainer coin” into two #crypto versions

The dot .XYZ Registry is about to turn the early adopters of its XYZ Coin into quasi-millionaires, rolling out a coin split before the end of the year.

Dubbed “Segwit2xyz” as a hat tip to the upcoming Bitcoin split of the same kind, the XYZ Coin split is highly anticipated by budding domain investors and cryptocurrency buffs alike.

“We are observing the strategic fluctuations of the Ethereum protocol, and I’m very excited to announce, that the Segwit2xyz split will occur sometime this month,” said XYZ founder and CEO, Daniel Negari.

“If you hold 1000 XYZ Coins, you will end up having 2000.000088 by the end of the year, adjusting for miner reversal fees,” said Negari, smiling.

The extra 0.000088 XYZ Coins above the doubling point, is a gift by the XYZ Registry to early adopters of its cryptocurrency. Many fortunes are expected to be made, as long as you mined a couple of trillion XYZ Coins, by registering cheap .XYZ domains like a maniac.

XYZ Coin

In recent months, cryptocurrencies have become absolutely necessary when transacting in real life.

What used to be a Monopoly standard and referred to as “funny money,” has become a trendy must-have among tech-savvy investors of all genders, races and financial statuses.

“With XYZ Coin you can buy your favorite frappuccino, get extras for playing Words With Friends, register .XYZ domains, or buy gluten-free, organic sandwiches from Chochkies, and be a strong part of the XYZ Family Network,” said Daniel Negari, adding: “The future of online transactions belongs to the XYZ generation, and XYZ Coin, no doubt about that.”

Early investors that decided to #HODL their XYZ Coin, will definitely appreciate waiting for such great news from the XYZ Registry.

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