Sergei Putanov: Why I don’t need attend stupid domain conferences

Sergei Putanov was an Olympic champion with USSR in 1972 and he is still fit and strong.

The controversial Russian domainer and billionaire entrepreneur, Sergei Putanov strikes again.

The man who builds a $2.7 billion empire in Dubai, Florida gave an exclusive interview to our correspondent in St. Petersburg, Nikolai Domienenko.

We present it unedited. Some content might be unsuitable for minors, women or various religious groups.

N. Domienenko: Sergei, you big fan of domain investment. You buy domains if price right? What is like to be famous Sergei Putanov on a given day?

S. Putanov: Nice ask me question. Tell you, when I wake in morning, eat big breakfast. Caviar, black coffee, steak and potato. I love morning as then go walk at lake. There I think about day and life and plan break leg those that betray me. I breathe then smoke cigar and limousine take ride office.

Nikolai: Are you married? What percentage of your day goes to relationship?

Sergei: Marriage for sucker. I don’t marry. Investment in good prostitute is like dot com domains or dot RU in Russia. I run show, woman are pleasure, pay well. Domains important why marry like fool American?

Nikolai: A lot of married domainers listen to your advice about investing in quality domains, would they leave their wives to go solo with entrepreneurship?

Sergei: Listen, no man alike. I am successful with domain investment and real estate, father fisherman told me – Sergei, eat fish and treat woman nice and day is like ocean to swim its water – so I take chances. But other men are afraid wife leave if kiss beautiful breast Ukrainian prostitute. So no wife for me. Other men fool.

Nikolai: How often do you sell your domain portfolio? Do you plan to visit with other domainers at conferences?

Sergei: No waste euro on stupid domain conference. Think, pay money see people cannot sleep with? I sell domains through broker, all over Europe and Russia. Next month sell Russian domain in Minsk, petrol industry buy domain from me like buy Mike Mann, I respect man.

Nikolai: If invited to TRAFFIC as keynote speaker, want to go?

Sergei: I visit South Florida where build Dubai Florida, billions there. So have Miami strip club visit often, beautiful women, big breast. So keynote speaker TRAFFIC must give caviar, vodka and big breast. Then yes, but no call Rick Schwartz yet, will see.

Nikolai: Sergei, thank you for your thoughts on domains and women. Spasibo bolshoe.

Sergei: Send me phone Ukraine twin models, lunch break sex. Talk domain again.

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  1. For a person who builds a $ 2.7 billion empire in Dubai – investment domains are unnecessary and no damage at the time

  2. George says:

    Are you sure you were talking to a human?

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