Sergei Putanov: Why I invested $69 million for A Mile High Club .com

Russian domainer and billionaire, Sergei Putanov

Two days ago we broke the news of the biggest domain sale ever – the acquisition of the domain name by Russian billionaire domain investor, Sergei Putanov, for $69 million dollars.

In an interview granted to our correspondent in Ekaterinburg, Russia, Sergei Putanov describes his motives for this monumental domain investment and talks about his future plans.

Nikolai Domienenko for DomainGang: Sergei, you shocked the domain world and many US firms with the purchase of AMileHighClub. What made you spent $69 million dollars on a domain name?

Sergei Putanov: Greetings Nikolai and thank. As said before, invest long term no flipping stuff here. And after plan launch escort site really take off, I thought, perhaps use own jet and lease not. Understand?

Nikolai: Makes perfect sense, Sergei. So you invested in a domain and infrastructure and thus cut the middleman out. Am I reading you correctly?

Sergei: You smart guy, could use for body guard in Meet Me In Russia escort project. So yes, spend $69 million for most expensive domain but also bought business for $1. This way tax low and no need for PR. Pay seller and make business.

Nikolai: A very efficient method, Sergei. What about the rumored sale of for $30 million dollars, do you believe it actually happened?

Sergei: Listen Nikolai, as you know in Russia we say “when prostitute advertise in fish market, sex bad“. So when say what pay for something, mean you like attention. My record real, and journalist who print not this, I break leg. Sometime, both leg.

Nikolai: Most domain investors believe that you are a unique Russian, Sergei. So they listen to your advice very carefully. What would you advise them right now?

Sergei: When buy domain aftermarket, call company ask talk secretary. If sexy voice, send bottle of vodka, caviar and rose. Then go date, bang good and easy access company. Understand?

Nikolai: That’s a very efficient way to get huge discounts, Sergei. I’m sure a lot of our readers will appreciate. What do you plan to do with in terms of development?

Sergei: I build empire, rich investor choose sexy escort fly to Dubai, London, Johannesburg and Malta. Big cash so soon get pretty lady, every country. As have money, will send escort via jet. Also invest in new gTLD, .prostitute

Nikolai: Thank you very much, Sergei Putanov, for this interview. Hope to see you soon.

Sergei: Pleasure my. I now go have meeting for developer, sexy lady from Ukraine. Long leg, big breast. Dasvidania!

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16 Responses to “Sergei Putanov: Why I invested $69 million for A Mile High Club .com”
  1. Puranjay says:

    Hilarious as always. is indeed a very intriguing sale and I can’t quite figure out the story behind it. I’m still awaiting confirmation for the $30M pricetag which seems a *little* (/sarcasm) to me.

    btw, please get rid of this password protection for comments! Or at least make the passwords a little shorter.

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Puranjay – The password need only be copied/pasted, it protected us from 50k+ spam comments so far.

  3. Ben says: for $69 million dollars!??

    Nobody believe that, this so nonsense.

    Only .Com taken.

    All extensions available, lol!

  4. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Ben – If you believe sold for $30 million dollars then you must be very gullible. And Sergei is serious about “break leg”.

  5. BullS says:

    Still can’t beat the “BULLS” site…..

    My gals are prettier than his

  6. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    BullS – Don’t argue with Sergei if you need to make use of both legs 😀

  7. Ben says:

    I am sure, nobody believe sold for $30 and $69 million dollars!!!

    If he says for $69 dollars, that will be ok, not millions lol.

    Just be sensible, please!!!

    If you believe that, why you are not buying for just $8 dollars, lol!!!

    All extensions of this domain available, only .COM taken, and he is paying $69 million dollars!??

    This is the funniest thing in the world right now

  8. Peter says:


    This really is a message to Sergei Putanov via the Forum/Blog, as this may be a fast and efficient way of making contact.

    Dear Sergei, please take a look at that is listed for sale at $950,000 ono.

    This domain is a bit of a play on words as in iPod, but more also is the French word for “Weight”.

    It could make a great slimming product app.

    Lets make some news, Best, Peter…

  9. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Ben – You must be related to the apostle Thomas.

    Peter – Sergei Putanov is known to be very picky. Read how he didn’t buy

  10. Ben says:

    Dear Lucius,

    I know everything ıs possible in this world. But that is very hard to believe…

    Do you know Sergei Putanov ? Have you any connection with him?

    If you know him, please let me know. I have got great offer for you.

  11. Sergei Putanov says:

    Ben you believe not? So what address you live, if behave I send Ukrainian supermodel and caviar. If no believe, I break leg. When make investment, little man question not big man. As we say Mother Russia, “small bird eat small, big bird eat big”. Understand?

  12. Ben says:

    Dear Sergei Putanov,

    Thank you very much for your reply to me.
    As I see you are so generous, nice man.
    I believe you from now on.
    We have some great domains, I hope you will like them:,,
    If you visit our website and look at our domains, I will be so happy.

  13. Maksim says:

    There is rumours around that Sergei has invested large amount of money into “Khazaar Islands” project
    and now really wants to acquire Caspian Sea dot com. Hope we hear news soon.

  14. BullS says:

    Hey Comrade Sergei, have fun with long leggy Ukrainian prostitutes- wear condom

  15. Tex Corndog says:

    Hi guys! I’m a guy with a small penis from the IP in Surrey, Canada. I tried to talk shit about your blog. I’m sorry, I’m lonely and need a friend.

  16. Tex Corndog says:

    Hi guys, forgot to mention that my mom didn’t breast-feed me as a baby and I’m one angry little man. Please don’t hate me, love on me. It’s lonely here in Canada, eh!

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