Seven with #Sedo: GreatDomains is on with Supermodels, Apps, Games, and more #domains

GreatDomains, the bi-monthly auction by Sedoβ€”our premium sponsorβ€”is on!

Featuring 264 hand-curated domain names, the current GreatDomains auction takes place from February 17th to the 24th.

For the past 15 years, the GreatDomains auction has achieved millions of dollars in domain sales; take a look at the Top 20 sales by GreatDomains.

As always, we chose 7 domain names from the list, for this edition of “Seven with Sedo.” Neither Sedo, or the domain owners, influenced our choice.

  • – It’s not just a thing of the 80s, and this 1994 gem arrives with a reserve of up to $100k. Cindy Crawford is not included.
  • – In German, the word for “apps” is apps. Surprise! It goes without saying that this would be a great German domain to own.Β  Reserve of up to 50k euro.
  • – Another surprise! Games *can* be used in German but the proper word is Spiele. Still, this is a superb domain and keyword. Pay the reserve of up to 25k euro if you want to play.
  • – A sweet, short domain greeting you. Registered in 1994, this LL .net has a reserve of up to $25k dollars.
  • – Short one word .com domain, registered in 1999. Arrives with a $25k reserve.
  • – We’ve been using a PC since the early 80s and this is the perfect domain for an international community of PC users. Reserve is in the 25k euro range.
  • – It’s rare to see a European country domain in one of the oldest TLDs. If you’re in Malta and doing business, this is it. Reserve is in the 1000 euro range, a bargain!

View the full inventory of this domain auction by GreatDomains.

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2 Responses to “Seven with #Sedo: GreatDomains is on with Supermodels, Apps, Games, and more #domains”
  1. Sky says:

    I’d love someone to shell out for Supermodels but use it to blog their completed plastic model kits.

  2. Sky says:

    NOTHING* from the 80’s is only a thing from the 80’s.

    *except most hairstyles

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