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Seven with Sedo : New #domain auction for the 4L .com lovers plus Cows.com

Sedo, our premium sponsor, is having a four letter .com auction from November 12th to the 19th.

More than 220 LLLL .com domains are being auctioned, priced with a reserve of up to 99 dollars, or euro or British pounds. Make sure you check the currency next to each domain if you bid!

We picked 7 from this list of LLLL .com domains, without any feedback from Sedo, for this edition’s “Seven with Sedo.

  • RASZ.com – Registered in 2004, .net is taken.
  • AEPH.com – Registered in 2001, .net and .org taken.
  • EMIF.com – Registered in 2001, .net and .org taken.
  • NNMO.com – Registered in 2006.
  • ZEHE.com – Registered in 1998, .net, .org and .info taken
  • EOAE.com – Registered in 2003, .org taken
  • ORLH.com – Registered in 2006.

View the full inventory of the Sedo auction of LLLL .com domains.

But wait – that’s not all. Cows.com, a super premium domain name that just so happens to have 4 letters, is also for sale.

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