Premium domain was flipped on Sedo

The premium keyword domain,, was sold on Sedo in January 2023 for the sum of $2,150 dollars.

A few days later, it was listed for Sedo for sale by its Taiwan-based registrant, who was seeking $39,000 dollars for the domain, all while accepting offers.

The domain doesn’t cost your average renewal fee, however; each and every year of renewal costs a whopping $13,000 dollars.

The domain’s buyer appears to have made a profit by flipping just two months later, as Sedo data shows that it was just sold for the sum of 5,200 euro ($5,600 dollars.)

Once again, the domain is parked with a for sale sign, with a GoDaddy lander and at Afternic. It seems that the game of musical chairs continues, until an adult content developer puts to proper use.

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3 Responses to “ Premium domain was flipped on Sedo”
  1. Freddie says:

    According to, the top ten most recent xyz “sales,” (all by “”), are below. In comparison, a quality name like seems to be a pretty reasonable value at the auction price, even with the registry’s outrageous premium renewal fee factored in. 73,444 USD 2023-02-25 107,888 USD 2023-02-16 75,755 USD 2023-02-16 74,444 USD 2023-02-16 25,888 USD 2022-12-13 74,444 USD 2022-11-24 74,444 USD 2022-11-24 116,714 USD 2022-11-24 199,888 USD 2022-10-20 119,111 USD 2022-10-14

  2. DomainGang says:

    Freddie – The renewal fee for makes it a hot potato in the hands of investors. Only a company actively making money from the adult industry can afford such a renewal cost. The sales reported by Swetha are of domains with standard renewal fee.

  3. Freddie says:

    Acknowledged. But if some of the so-so domains on that list can fetch six figures, a domain like certainly has the chance to sell for as much or more, no?

    A few years of paying obscene renewals to the .xyz registry are still worth the potential upside for a resale of to an end-user. And the domain could always be sold before the next renewal.

    The downside is known. The upside is potentially large. Investing in domain names, stocks, nft’s – it’s all about taking prudent risks.

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