Shocking non-news announcement reveals master plan of domain industry giant

News as it happens.

News as it happens.

A domain industry giant has opted not to make an announcement today, after revelations of upcoming changes, updates, upgrades and other details were leaked.

The corporate behemoth specializing in the domain investment field, did not share any information about what it’s planning to do, or not do.

“We’re not in a position to disclose any of this information to domainers, as part of our standard set of policies,” said the corporate spokesperson.

“Citing corporate anonymity and the preservation of our long-term strategic plans, today’s announcement serves as the definition of non-news, often despised, but quite necessary in our industry!” exclaimed the spokesperson, smiling.

As in many other industries, a daily dose of non-news has been found to preserve and extend the anticipation of real news, when the time arrives. It helps stimulate the domain economy and fill the time between the coverage of two rather large pieces of news.

We were unable to confirm any of the above and we’re instead providing this domain industry related information as a service to all domain investors.

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