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Show us your donuts: Developed gTLD domains get showcased

Show us your donuts.

Show us your donuts.

If you developed a web site on one of several active Donuts, Inc. gTLD domains, now it’s your chance to display it with pride.

Paul Stahura, CEO of Donuts, Inc. announced this opportunity earlier today:

“We always knew that our fantastic new TLDs were going to provide individuals and businesses with the short, memorable, and specific web addresses they needed to boost their web presence or get online for the very first time. We’re pleased to see this is already happening […]

We hope these inspire you as much as they’ve made us proud. If you’d like to see your website appear on this page, please drop us a line.

Unfortunately we can’t showcase every submission, but we’ll do our very best to feature the most interesting, inspiring, and innovative sites out there.”

You can view a selection of freshly baked web sites at donuts.co/featured.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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One Response to “Show us your donuts: Developed gTLD domains get showcased”
  1. Ms Domainer says:


    I haven’t developed a site as such, but I am developing a character (an alter ego? LOL):


    She has (so far) written two advice columns and received one email.

    If she develops into a viable character, I’ll have a site built for her.

    I’m not totally convinced about the new gTLDs, so I also have AuntSexy.com



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