: #Domain for sale, cams site now bears a warning page

[NSFW] The sale of the domain to Kim Kardashian‘s new business most likely triggered the sale of the singular keyword,

The latter was acquired by domain investor and former Hostgator owner, Brent Oxley, for a reputed $105,000 dollars, according to NameBio.

In recent days, has received three distinct make-overs:

  • First, it was directly pointed to an efty lander, making it available to inquire about
  • Then, it was forwarded to, a male porn cam site, without any warning
  • Eventually, a warning lander was added, after the forward to

So what is the latest state of

When someone visits, a domain that hosted Skim, an app for meeting people a few years back, they are forwarded to Once there, a warning about adult content appears, and that’s a major improvement.

On there is now link at the top to inquire about When someone clicks on that link, they end up at an efty lander with the contact form.

The operators of have also changed the site’s logo to something that no longer resembles the logo. lander in 2013

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