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Sprechen Sie Domainisch? Sedo about to auction 2-letter .AT domain inventory

Sedo and its partner, .AT Registry, are getting ready to auction a domain portfolio consisting of short and other premium .AT domain names.

Often used as “domain hacks” or as URL shorteners, dot .AT domains represent the ccTLD of Austria.

The .AT Registry provides domains globally, dating back to 1996 and has a solid reputation and functionality extending beyond Austrian’s borders.

There are no special requirements for registering .AT domains if you are not Austrian.

In China, .AT domains up for auction will be of particular value, as they can represent many different meanings in Chinese. The .AT combination is the initial letter for certain Chinese words and phrases in Pinyin, such as “loving him/her,” “lament,” or “loving to listen” (e.g. music).

In total there will be almost 5,000 .AT names up for auction, including single and double digit numeric domains as well as ones with letter and number combinations such as: c.at, wh.at, k2.at.

The Sedo .AT auction will run in several segments, and you can find out more details at this link.


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