Staggering domain collection turns up in France

A retired chocolatier and his wife have announced the availability of a rare, never before seen domain collection in France.

Totaling 271 premium quality domains that date from 1986 until 1992, the most prolific era of domain availability, the domains are valued at a staggering $15+ million dollars.

The chocolate maker who is in his 70’s said he’d often receive domains as gifts or payment for the exquisite quality chocolates he hand-produced at his chocolaterie.

Many of these domains could be considered to be the Rembrandts, Monets or Picassos of the domain world.

“By Jupiter, I had no idea, absolutely, what this domains worth, no idea”, said Jean LaCroix presenting the certificate he acquired from Sedo. “My wife, she said my God, sell now, these are not pigeons! So I plan sell and buy house in Marseilles.”

Many domainers will certainly line up to place offers for the domain portfolio; an auction will take place in 2011 either on Sedo or via the marketplace that fellow French domain entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo operates.

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