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Stats and numbers from the first ever #NamesConOnline

NamesConOnline wrapped up today, and it was a remarkable event by 2020 standards. The Covid-19 pandemic has redefined the concept of social gatherings, and every domain investor has become a skillful teledomainer.

Here are some stats and numbers from the first ever NamesConOnline that we could extract from our interaction with others:

  • Approximately 46% of all attendees wore pajama bottoms during the sessions, especially those to the east of Europe.
  • Almost 90% of NamesConOnline attendees snacked and drank beverages during the event, bringing the “mint fresh” breath levels down to just 10%.
  • A shocking 63% of the Social Wall messages were banner ads selling bad to mediocre domains. That’s an improvement of 5% from real life metrics.
  • The average group photo involved 4 windows, with 25% participation from India for SEO purposes.
  • Chinese domain investors shared their domains on TikTok and used WeChat instead of Zoom; the latter is considered dangerous government propaganda in China.
  • About 29% of male domainers proudly displayed their shaved, buzzed, and bald heads during NamesConOnline. Of those, only 0.01% used a female avatar while trying to pitch a domain.
  • At least two domain industry professionals smoked cannabis during the conference.
  • 100% of all Networking Lounge attendees disinfected their seats with Clorox before sitting down. Well done everyone! 😀

And lastly, the NamesConOnline top point earners are:

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