Stevie Wonder .com #domain : I just called to say I dropped you!

Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest musicians of all time, and strangely the domain name has dropped.

Although was used by a fan club of the famous musician at some point, the artist’s official web site is, and STEVIE WONDER is a registered trademark with the USPTO.

Originally registered in 1999, is now in auction at DropCatch. Currently, there are 29 bids from 19 bidders, and a high bid of $321 dollars. The auction ends in less than two days from now.

So how is it possible that such a premium, aged domain and intellectual property asset was allowed to drop?

According to historic WHOIS data, courtesy of DomainTools, the domain was registered in the name of Taurus Productions LLC, a Los Angeles company, as recently as in May of 2018. The domain was apparently kept in a client’s name, as the rest of the contact information is a law firm, Buchalter.

Even more bizarre is that the domain’s technical contact was domain IP management company, Com Laude. A year ago, the domain went under WHOIS privacy, still remaining at Com Laude as the domain’s Registrar. We can assume that the registrant did not change.

With two such strong intellectual property sentinels in place, should not have been allowed to drop!

Whoever is bidding on the domain at DropCatch, might end up having a hot potato in their hands.

As a fun trivia note, Stevie Wonder’s birth name is Stevland Morris and Com Laude manages dropped – Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

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