#TaiMei .com : Japanese #domain drops after 19 years!


The domain dropped after 19 years, and we can most likely blame its Internet service provider for the loss.

Registered in 1999, remained in Japanese hands for almost two decades. “Tai mei” means “party girl” in Chinese, but the domain was never developed into anything other than a landing page. It also means, “too beautiful” – thanks to Cate Lim for the tip.

The domain dropped and it’s currently in a public auction at DropCatch. There are 135 bids by 40 bidders currently, and the highest bid stands at $6,050 dollars with less than an hour to go.

How did such an aged domain like drop?

Its registrant, TaiMei Trading Inc., seems that it was using a domain-based email, for their contact email.

That seems fine, except that the host DNS,, changed to in 2009, as this link says. 

Once that happened, no more email notifications were reaching the registrant account. We can safely assume that eventually, the registrant lost track of its asset, and the domain dropped.

A similar case we covered recently involved the former Lexar domain name,

Update: sold for $17,338 dollars!

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