TakeAKnee.com : Domain about “take a knee” gesture got registered in 1999

Donald Trump’s ferocious attack on the NFL players who took a knee during the national anthem is ongoing.

By attempting to polarize the NFL, Trump is now receiving a unified response by the football players, another indication of the president’s falling popularity rates.

Interestingly, the domain TakeAKnee.com was registered during the last century, on January 26, 1999.

Although no content is displayed when visiting the web site, Archive.org has stored many older pages, primarily before 2010; the title it featured was “A Comprehensive Coaching Website.

It seems that TakeAKnee.com was founded by a football coach, Jose “Coco” Jarin in 1999, but the current WHOIS information is different.

Was the domain sold at some point?

We aren’t sure.

In 2005, football coach Jose Jarin shared this page for the visitors of TakeAKnee.com.

The web site, as seen on Archive.org, displayed content about NFL football, coaches profiles, and featured a “chat room” that was a rudimentary forum for football discussions.

Sadly, none of that remains at TakeAKnee.com.

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