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Ten digit .XYZ domains : The next big thing arrives soon!


Who would have thought that “bigger is better” when it comes to domain names?

The XYZ Registry definitely thinks so, and they are releasing the full range of 10-digit domains that can be used as phone numbers, to celebrate the company’s third anniversary.

“It’s about time to conquer the entire phone directory with numeric XYZ domains,” said the CEO, Daniel Negari.

“As a teenager, my friends and I memorized phone numbers of all the hot chicks at school, and this is the stuff dreams are made of, NNNNNNNNNN .XYZ domains!” exclaimed Negari.

The XYZ founder believes that the 9 billion 10-digit .XYZ domains matching phone numbers will give everyone on earth their own domain – with enough room to spare until 2040.

“Get your phone number as a 10-digit .XYZ domain before it’s too late,” said Daniel Negari, adding: “Are you shaking in your boots yet, dot .COM fans?”

The release of all 10-digit .XYZ domains matching phone numbers will begin as soon as possible, so save your 25 cents or so to be part of the domaining future.

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